10focus robots run the automations you create in 10focus Designer. Deploy robots at scale across your organization and manage robots securely with 10focus Console.

10focus Robot

10focus Robot

10focus robot is the terminal for actually running the automated task. RPA robots are configurable software set up to perform the tasks you assign and control, it can execute the process more quickly and accurately.

1. The robot can automate the operations for desktop applications, web pages, files, enterprise applications like ERP/CRM , Office software and other user interfaces.

2. The robot can automatically capture the changes, even though the position of data and other screen elements changes.

3. There are two types of 10focus robots. One is the attended robot which can be activated manually, so that the robot can assist employees to complete their tasks more efficiently. Another one is the unattended robot which is can be arranged to do multiple tasks and run 24/7.

4. The process designed by the designer can be reused to other processes or shared with other team members in the project, so as to improve the efficiency of process development.

10focus Designer

10focus Designer

10focus Designer is a visual tool for designing and configuring processes. Analyze automated processes using visual, step-by-step process execution, breakpoints, and highlighting of target elements.

1. The designer contains different types of robot commands to help users easily build their own automated workflow.

2. The intelligent recognition mode of the designer can automatically capture various elements on the screen.

3. For fast and easy troubleshooting, a visual debugger highlights errors and displays a message.

10focus Console

10focus Console

10focus console is the unified management and monitoring tool, where you can easily deploy, secure, and manage your robots at scale. It can make it easy for users to manage the entire automation performance in one centralized place.

1. 10focus console can provide a tool for scheduling multiple robots running on which jobs, so that robots can execute jobs one by one based on priorities.

2. 10focus console is able to provide different levels of user permission management, securely check on your robots and manage the jobs any time, from anywhere.

3. Robots’ actions are saved into a central log where they can be monitored and reviewed through console, ensuring visibility throughout a group’s business operations. The needed data is easily accessible for a potential audit and automated processes can be quickly updated to reflect changes in regulations.

4. Get alerted in real time about robot performance and health, and track progress visually.

5. 10focus console can provide specific analytics for each executed process. Oversee every process from one centralized monitoring, management and control room.

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